Proactive Maintenance

Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive. For WooCommerce users, a new payments option was announced this past week: WooCommerce Payments. This new service uses Stripe’s payment processing but with a different user experience. However, there’s one big drawback – it requires Jetpack to function. If […]

While rolling out our new WordPress Care Plans for Agencies program, I chatted with several local friends who own agencies themselves. They were kind enough to help fine-tune our offerings with questions and advice. Here’s what I heard most from them. You really get us! Being the owner of a WordPress agency myself, I do […]

In my experience, I haven’t ever come across a client whose goal is to become a master of WordPress. I don’t mean a power user who blogs brilliantly and can do just about anything you can think of with WordPress. I mean a tech star who knows exactly what to do when they see that […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. This is always a timely topic: how to fix 10 common WordPress errors and problems, including the dreaded White Screen of Death. The first thing is to make sure you always have a fresh site and database backup stored somewhere other than your hosting account… Page speed really does matter […]

Not paying attention to your website can become a costly mistake very quickly. Recently I had a client come to me for help for a site I’d built for them in 2014. The client’s customers were being warned off the site by their browsers when trying to pay for a product. Turns out the site had […]

WP Minder is pairing with WP Engine to provide feature-rich maintenance + hosting plans for our clients. You can get hosting with any Plan, from Starter to Premium, for only $25 per month. That’s a big savings off the usual fees at WP Engine. Here are a few of the features of these new hosting […]

My website is gone...

Picture this – you’ve got a busy business (yay!) and you’ve devoted a considerable amount of time building up your expertise by writing high-quality blog posts once per week. You’ve been doing this for one year – that’s 52 blog posts. One morning you discover that your site has been hacked (or your server has […]

Hacker hacking site

I like taking care of clients with small businesses. I have a small business (actually, a few of them) and I know I feel good when I know someone is really watching out for me as a business owner. That’s what WP Minder is all about – watching out for you. Protecting clients so they […]

Website problem?

WordPress is free – that’s popular reason for businesses to choose this very popular platform for building their company website. And that’s not a bad reason at all. But it’s not really ‘free,’ is it? There are always costs associated with owning a website, and WordPress in reality has a lot more than a simple […]

The worse-case scenario

It’s a scary thought – and the more valuable your website is to you or your business, the scarier it can get! Think about it, though. Say you’re in charge of blogging for your business (or you currently are your business and therefore in charge of everything under the sun)… You try to be consistent […]