Plugin Reviews

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. First, reviews of a group of tools designed to improve your writing: Grammarly, Jetpack, Ginger and Hemingway. If you’re prone to bad grammar or are horrible at spelling (you know who you are!) these tools can help. — Another writing tool – studies show that a compelling title can […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Love them or hate them, sliders just aren’t going away. If you’re looking for a slider plugin for WordPress, here’s a fairly new plugin worth checking out: Smart Slider 3. There’s a free version as well as a commercial version with Premium features. For more info, here’s an in-depth […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Finding the right images to support and enhance your written content can be a time-consuming process. Here’s a new free plugin called WP Inject (not the most encouraging name, but anyway…) that helps you search for and insert CC (Creative Commons) licensed images without leaving the editor screen. Here’s […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. WordPress search has room for improvement. Here’s a great post that provides examples of four powerful ways to improve WordPress search: Faceted search Using a more powerful search algorithm Upgraded search for BuddyPres or Multisite Providing a better search experience Doing your own SEO? Here’s a big comprehensive […]

The Yoast SEO nag

If you’re like me you like Yoast SEO (one of the most popular SEO plugins) quite a lot – but you don’t like all the extra junk it comes with, such as this irritating little nag that appears with every update: Yesterday I found a wonderful plugin called SO Hide SEO Bloat that can handle […]

Last week I needed to add some icons to a client’s menu in a commercial theme. Knowing this can be a little tricky if the coding is odd, I went looking for a quick fix and found one in the form of Menu Social Icons. This neat little plugin uses Font Awesome social icons in […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Yesterday I was researching calendar plugins for a client project – there are a lot of them out there. This guide to WordPress event and calendar plugins was one of the better resources I found. What did I use? I wound up going with All-in-one Event Calendar. The […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. For the WordPress newbie – how to save time by bulk-editing page and post details, like Author, category and publication status. Using Mailchimp for your newsletter marketing? Good for you – I am too. Here’s a guide to integrating Mailchimp and your WordPress site, including adding a registration […]

Import External Images plugin

I found something awesome this afternoon. A client with an active blog (about 130 posts) moved her content from an old, separate WordPress blog to a new site with the blog integrated. That meant we exported content from the old site and imported it from the XML file to the new one – and typically, […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Concerned about WordPress security? Stay updated and use strong passwords – that’s most of the battle. See what Matt Mullenweg had to say about security recently in Quora. How to build a Classified Advertising site in WordPress. A review and tutorial for the commercial plugin WPAdverts. How to […]